Wigan & Leigh Art Map
The Wigan & Leigh Art Map aims to showcase Wigan Borough’s amazing network of artists and arts organisations. The map is hosted on Google Maps and is a personal project for Wigan-based artist Liz Chapman.
Viewing the Map
Arts organisations are displayed using exact location and artists are shown by general area to protect personal information. There are two ways to view artists and arts organisations on the map;
1. Zoom in to an area to see artists and arts organisations in that area.
2. View the menu on the left side to find a list of all artists and organisations in the Borough.
Request to be added to the map
You can request to be added to the map at any time, just fill in the form below. It’s free, quick and easy! Artists don’t need to live in Wigan but should regularly work in the area. Your location can be the area of your studio or home but your exact location will not be shared publicly, I will just drop a pin in the middle of your chosen area. If at any point you would like to make changes, please fill in the form again. If you want to be removed, just put the word ‘remove’ in the description.

Add yourself or your arts organisation to the map