DIY Paper

I love working with digital every day. However, I still take notes on paper. ✏️ It’s a long-standing coping mechanism for a busy mind and terrible memory. 🧠 In recent times, I have been taking into consideration the waste I personally create and considering ways to recycle and reuse. ♻️ The magical Paula Fenwick Lucas suggested I make homemade paper using my old note paper, so here goes! This is a variety of paper left for around 24 hours in water, I’ve been moving it around throughout the day to see if I can break down the fibres a bit more. Let’s see what happens… ☺️

Upcoming Workshop!

Book a a ticket to join me at Leigh Archives for this fun workshop.

Really Rubbish Weavings, Wednesday 11th August, go to Eventbrite to book a ticket.

Tickets available from Eventbrite: Sales Closed.

Create a fun, colourful and “rubbish” hanging piece of art whilst exploring amazing archive materials relating to textiles and banners in local protest movements through time, ’found’ and unearthed objects and local textiles production.

Turn waste products such as packaging, plastic bags, scraps of fabric and threads into a treasured piece of art work. The weavings are made using simple DIY cardboard looms and plastic waste.

For adults keen to make art work whilst learning about our past and being mindful of the environment and waste.

I am a Thinking Machine project

I recently delivered a series of creative workshop with the Young Makers at Wigan STEAM. These online sessions explored digital citizenship and identity through creativity. During the workshop, we discussed how we represent ourselves not only through our online presence and attitudes, but also through the creation of different avatars and images to represent our online selves. The workshop encouraged open discussion about the risks and rewards of being online. The group completed a journal about their online identity and created mangatars, avatars, pixel art and emojis. 🙂 🥸