Life Givers

Resin Sculptures and Digital Video Installation, 2021 Bubbles are amazing transporters of life. When waves crash against the shore, this creates plumes of different-sized bubbles transferring life-giving gases into the ocean. Bubbles also help Scientists to understand scientific concepts, such as physics. The colours of light on bubbles and the pattern they create help to track stormsContinue reading “Life Givers”

Shadowy Tales & Strange Stories

Have you seen a ghost or do you live in a haunted house? Have ghostly goings-on or phantom folktales about Kirkham been passed down through your family? Gather around the virtual campfire to share your spooky stories at a special evening event held on Tuesday 26th October at 7:00pm. Hosted on Zoom by Northwest basedContinue reading “Shadowy Tales & Strange Stories”

Upcoming Workshop!

Book a a ticket to join me at Leigh Archives for this fun workshop. Tickets available from Eventbrite: Sales Closed. Create a fun, colourful and “rubbish” hanging piece of art whilst exploring amazing archive materials relating to textiles and banners in local protest movements through time, ’found’ and unearthed objects and local textiles production. TurnContinue reading “Upcoming Workshop!”