Botanic Synthesis, Digital Sound and Visual Installation, 2022

Artist Statement

Liz Chapman (b. 1984, UK) focusses her artistic practice on biology and natural sciences, along with an interest in technology, heritage and the historical treasures. Chapman uses mediums such as textiles, digital technology and recycled materials to record and understand the world around her.

Chapman experiments with digital media, photo, moving-image, fabrics, pen and pencil to recreate the qualitative elements and synthetic representation of her everyday environment. Her work is an attentive exploration and intends to express her fascination with science and nature; through abstraction and highlighting the patterns, weave and weft, colour and shapes that often go unnoticed in the world around us. Chapman exhibits on a regular basis, more recently taking part in online shows and exhibiting her Fabric Oology Series (nest replication made from recycled materials) in Love is a Rebellious Bird at Wigan’s high profile ‘The Fire Within’.

Chapman founded Artist Discuss in 2018. Artist Discuss is delivered on a voluntary basis and in fellowship with TERM Art Classes. The aim of Artist Discuss is to bring artists of all creative backgrounds together for free, friendly and informal peer support. The Artist Discuss offer has grown since its creation, going from a discussion session to now include a number of other ways for artists to support artists.

Chapman has an interest in Art History and graduated with a BA Honours degree in Art History in 2014. Chapman is an Associate Artist with Cross Street Arts and WiganSTEAM.