Liz Chapman (b. 1984, UK)

Liz Chapman

Artist (b. 1984, UK) – My work focuses on biology and the natural sciences, in a drive to understand the weave and weft of the world around us. I enjoy working with recycled materials, textiles and digital to recreate, mimic and dissect the substance of scientific phenomena. My artistic creations express the multiple relationships I have with matter and are an exploration and documentation of the natural world. 

Associate Artist – I have been an Associate Artist with Cross Street Arts since 2016 and became an Associate Artist with Wigan STEAM in 2020.

Workshops – I have extensive experience spanning more than 12 years, delivering and planning workshops, interactive creative projects, digital learning, story and making sessions with people of all ages.

Artist Discussion – I founded Artist Discussion in May 2019, to provide advice and peer support for artists of all disciplines. In recent times, the group has moved online. 

Project Coordination – I was the coordinator for the 2016 – 2019 D:Circus Digital Art Project, a two-year programme funded by Arts Council England and Wigan Libraries & The Museum of Wigan Life. The project explored the world of digital creativity and artistic expression, through a myriad of enriching, high-quality and innovative digital art experiences. The project was predominantly delivered within inclusive library settings and utilising the rich tapestry of artistic talent and cultural partnerships found in Wigan Borough and surrounding areas.

Digital Her – Digital is my day job and I work with digital tech throughout my artistic practice. I also support the Digital Her programme to encourage girls to engage with STEM-related subjects and to explore the careers available in digital and tech.